Temporary Residence Program

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Visitors Visa

A visitor visa, also known as the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), is an immigration document that enables foreigners to travel to and enter Canada. People from countries that are not visa-exempt require a visitor visa for entering into Canada whether they are coming as a student, or as a temporary worker, or simply to visit.

There are two kinds of Canadian visitor visas—single entry visas and multiple entry visas. The former allows a foreign national to visit Canada for just once on that visa, while the latter allows him/her to enter and leave Canada as often as they wish for the period the visa is valid. Single entry visas are usually only issued under specific circumstances. Mostly, applicants are considered for multiple entry visas.

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Study Permit

If you are planning to avail the educational opportunities available in Canada by getting enrolled in Canadian Colleges or Universities, you will need to gain admission to the school of your choice, and a study permit before you are allowed to come to Canada. All those students who plan to take a course or program in Canada for more than six months need a study permit. A lot of students find the study permit application as intimidating since there are several requirements to fulfil. It is common for a study permit application to be declined if there are missing information or if an applicant does not meet the program requirements. However, you can appeal the decision, and there are chances that the decision will be upturn.
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Work Permit

Work Canada’s economy is strong and diverse while there are a lot of prospects for professional development and growth. Therefore, the country is considered a prime destination for employment opportunities by many foreigners. However, for working in Canada, it is required that a foreign national has proper authorization, without which there can be severe consequences. 

Individuals who seek temporary employment in Canada, hence need a work permit before they can come to Canada for work. There are a variety of options for obtaining a Canadian work permit. Some work permits need a job offer from a Canadian employer, while others require that an employer provides a Labour Market Impact Assessment, while some others require that the person has some kind of connection to Canada (such as education, etc.)

The process of attaining a Canadian work permit differs based on the type of work permit a person is applying. For exemption criteria and work permit application, or any queries related to a work permit, please contact us.

Extend Your Stay

Foreign nationals are legally allowed to live in Canada for up to six months at a time on a visitor visa. As soon as this period ends, your legal status will invalid, and you are required to leave Canada. However, if you need an extension in these six months, you need to apply at least 30 days before your visa status expires. During the time your extension application is being processed, you can stay in Canada even if your six-month visa has expired. The candidate status is referred to as the implied status before the approval of his or her application.

If you have any queries or concerns related to extending your visitor visas, please contact a member of Springwater Immigration’s team, and we will be happy to discuss the available options with you.

Parent and Grandparent Super Visa

The Parent and Grandparent Super Visa is a temporary resident permit that allows grandparents and parents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to stay for up to a couple of years in Canada per visit. The visa is valid for up to 10 years. Although a regular multiple-entry visa is also valid for the same period, that only allows stays of up to 6 months per visit, while a Super Visa allows for a stay for two years. However, the parent or grandparent must meet certain conditions (such as a letter of financial support for their grandchild or child in Canada or medical insurance, etc.).
For more information and further details related to Super Visa, please contact Springwater Immigration team.

Caregiver Program

The Caregiver Program is designed specifically for those caregivers interested in immigrating to Canada. Two new pilot programs for caregivers are recently put in place and open for applications. These programs called The Home Child Care Provider, and Home Support Worker will allow foreign caregivers who come for work in Canada to have a more straightforward path to permanent residence in Canada. There are several benefits that caregivers will get as a result of these two programs, but they are required to fulfill specific criteria when they apply. This program gives the spouse and children of the applicant visas and permits to live in Canada.

To know about the options available for caregivers, about the eligibility criteria, and to apply for the Caregiver program, please contact us.

H & C Application

Humanitarian and Compassionate Application or H & C Application is a Canadian permanent residency application filed in Canada. Any foreign national living in Canada without having legal status in the country or any individual living in Canada without proper paperwork has this option to obtain permanent residence status if they have some of the factors eligible to apply for it. 

These factors include having family ties to a Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident, or education in Canada usually without a valid Study Permit, or employment in Canada often without a work permit. Apart from these, having done volunteer work in Canada, having savings and property in Canada, and having social ties to Canada in their communities are also some of the factors that make individuals without legal status eligible for H & Cs.

Please contact if you want to get an assessment of your specific situation, or you want to know about the procedure for applying for H & C. Also, if you are seeking any help for H & C application, please get in touch.


Canada offers refugee protection to some individuals in Canada who fear persecution or who think they might be in some form of danger if they go back to their home country or the country they lived. If an individual fears they might be tortured, or their life might be at risk, or they are at risk of cruel and unusual punishment or treatment in their home country, they may be able to seek protection in Canada as a refugee. However, the individual must have a well-rounded fear of persecution to claim refugee protection in Canada. People outside Canada can also claim refugee protection at any border point.
Refugee claims are complex, and there is a lot involved in the process. If you want to know more about the refugee application process or you are looking for information about refugee status in Canada, please get in touch with us. You can also coordinate with us for refugee status application.

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